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Hunter Island Salt Marsh (Photo: Lizbeth Gonzalez)

Hunter Island Salt Marsh (Photo: Lizbeth Gonzalez)









In 1967, Mayor John V. Lindsay signed into law two bills establishing the Thomas Pell Wildlife and the Hunter Island Marine Zoology and Geology sanctuaries, on 489 acres of Pelham Bay Park and an offshore zone. Read here about the process that lead to this achievement and the group of concerned citizens who helped it happen.

Creating the Sanctuaries


Kazimiroff Nature Trail on Hunter Island (Photo: Alexander Belisle)

Kazimiroff Nature Trail (Photo: Alexander Belisle)












The Kazimiroff Nature Trail, named for the noted Bronx naturalist Dr. Theodore Kazimiroff, winds through 189 acres of Hunter Island. It encompasses meadow, shrubland, forest, marsh, and exposed bedrock. Read more here.

Kazimiroff Nature Trail