Horrific Attack on Park Trees

Tree Damage

Damaged trees in South Meadow woods.

In October 2012, bark was carved off fifteen trees in the verdant area of Pelham Bay Park known as the South Meadow. Possibly inflicted with a hatchet, this damage created a circular loss of bark around the trunk of the trees, cutting off the vascular system that allows nutrients to pass between roots and branches.  Trees often die as a result. This practice, known as “girdling,” is occasionally used by forestry experts to thin out wooded areas, but this was not the case in Pelham Bay Park.  This was a criminal act. The trees involved are Pin Oaks and they stand near one of the Park’s great hiking destinations: a huge and magnificent 400-year-old White Oak. All nature lovers who use the Park are asked to be vigilant and to report any suspicious behavior.  Contact Marianne Anderson, Administrator of Pelham Bay Park, at Marianne.Anderson@parks.nyc.gov or call 718-430-4686.

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